St. Mary in the Elms Church has a long history stretching back to its foundation in 1338, when when the Beaumont's of
Beaumanor constructed a chapel dedicated to St. Mary.

The Church has a very welcoming congregation and strong links within the village of Woodhouse.

Village residents support the Church and the two Church Wardens by acting as bell ringers, flower arrangers, brass cleaners and supporting the Church Summer Fete. There is a warm feeling of pride in the Church and it's place in the community, after the services parishioners gather for a glass of sherry as a finale to the morning service.

On 3rd August 2014 a packed St Mary's church commemorated the start of the First World War with an ecumenical Vigil Service. A letter from the trenches written by Winston Churchill was read out as well as poetry by Wilfred Owen, WW Gibson and Siegfried Sassoon.

There were also hymns and prayers for peace.  85 Royal British Legion wooden crosses were inscribed with the names of local people who were caught up in the First World War or conflicts since and placed around the Old Apple Tree close to the community hall.

At the close of the service all the crosses were blessed by Father Fabian in what was a most moving ceremony.
There are also strong ties with the armed forces stretching back to World War Two, when the Royal Signals Regiment was stationed at Beaumanor. These close ties are maintained today and the Church has established new links with the Welbeck Defence 6th Form College, which is situated within the village.

The Church also has links to
Rawlins Community College (one of the few Church Secondary Schools in Leicestershire) and a representative on the Governing Body of the College.

Over the last few years a number of local choirs have also performed concerts within the Church, which have been well attended by local residents and congregational members. There has also been a very successful funding campaign operated in 2011 to facilitate funds for St. Mary's and the PCC is very active in the management of the Church, including the new Community Hall which is built on church land and is utilised for many church social events as well as other activities.

St. Mary's has HISTORY (including a "minor" Royal Wedding held in the 1920's) and TRADITION and combines this with a caring, prayerful atmosphere, set in a beautiful place of worship. Like our neighbouring county of Rutland it is indeed